How many times do I have to change the water?

Pura keeps your water safe and fresh. We still suggest you to change the water every day to have the best water quality.

How much water does a cat drink per day?

A normal cat's daily water consumption ranges from 5 to 10 fluid ounces per day (or an average of 60 ml/kg/day). Cats eating canned food will receive much of their daily water needs from its food, since canned food is about 70 to 80 percent water. *The amount is for reference only.

Cat Behaviours

All cats suitable using PURA system?

We suggest your cat to be at least age of 6 months

Is it often that the cat flips or spills over Pura?

Pura weights 3.5kg (7lbs), and along with the slid resistance design, it is hard for cats to flip or spill Pura.

Does the light affect cat's water drinking behaviour?

No, we tested on more than 10 cats and they loved it

Is the water circulation motor loud?

NOA uses ultra quiet motor and the stream of water is silent. You won't hear anything.

My cat doesnt wear collar ID, what should I do?

Collar ID will provide you insights on the water feeding patterns. Nevertheless, Pura works well with or without the collar ID.


Do we get to choose colors for the Collar ID?

There are currently black and white only; however, we are looking forward to provide more colors in the future.

Does it work with dogs?

Pura APP is designed for cats only. Nevertheless, Pura water fountain can be used for dogs, too, and provide them most refreshing taste of water!

What kind of cleaning tools do I need to clean the bowl?

Normal dishwashing tools are fine. Professional cleaning tools will be available soon.

Is the water circulation motor easy to maintain and clean?

We are still working on modularizing and simplifing the motor. Will keep you updated.

That's the contact surface for the water feeder?

When my cat drank from plastic bowls she got papula on her jaw. The contact material SAN-certified non-toxic plastic. Just like Brita water materials, they won't cause any papula reactions.

Do my cats have to wear Noa Collar ID?

Yes, currently this is the only way to detect and identify your cats. We are working hard on coming up with new ideas to make it easier for you and your cats!


Software compatibility?

We support both iOS and Android system but we are starting with iOS first and release Android App later due to bluetooth compatibility issues. We will keep it up with regular iOS upgrades to give you the best experience and continue to work on the Android system.


How much is the filter?

We are trying our best to get the best price and quality for you right now. If there's any update, we will notify you as soon as possible and will post it on our website. Our goal is to match the price close to market price of other filters.

Will there be any changes to the design after pre-order?

Most of the design are final but NOA is always committed to make our products better and make you and your cat happier. So expect small improvements but nothing will be major.

Can I buy the powerhead water circulator somewhere else?

No, this is a custom made water circulator so the any other ones won't fit.

Is Noa Collar ID waterproof?

Yes, Noa Collar ID is waterproof and dustproof.

How do you connect to Pura?

You can connect it with your smart phone via bluetooth 4.0+

How much water does the container hold?

The container can hold 1.5 litres (or 50.72 fl oz), easy to change with one single hand.

What's the detection range for Pura?

Pura can detect your cat's presence within 8cm (3.1 inches). When your cat is near, Pura will know.

Is it dangerous when the motor is free running?

If Pura is pushed or flipped over, the motor will sense the situation and it will safely shut itself down.

Multi-points connection capability?

Yes. More Pura water foutain will incrase the water consumption by your cats. Please see for more details.

Can I use it outdoor?

Pura is designed to be water resistance, but we recommened indoor use only.

Country of manufacture?



Net: 4.4 lbs (2kg) / Gross: 6.6 lbs (3kg)

Any consumable materials or filters?

There are two parts in the water filtration system. First layer of the filtration system blocks out cat hair and food crumbs. The second layer is the activated carbon filter; it takes away the impurities. We recommend both layers to be replaced once every two months.

Is there any magnetic wave that will affect my cat's health?

Pura water feeder produces a minimal amount of magnetic wave that is safe both humen and cats. Noa Collar ID doesn't produce any magnetic waves by itself.

Is the power connector safe?

Yes, very safe unless you try to hurt yourself.


100V-240V. For more information please see


When will I receive my Pura?

We are still fine tuning Pura to perfection. Our estimated delivery time is before April 2016.


Warranty information will be announce when mass production starts. As we strive for the best quality, it will be our primary concern and we are working hard on this issue to make it available to you as soon as possible.

Can I return the product?

We are still working on the reverse logistics for this lovely product and will give you updates as soon as possible.

I have many cats at home, is it possible that I can purchase one Pura foutain with 3 Noa ID?

Yes! You can back just the Noa Collar ID individually for extra IDs for your furry friends. Please see for more information!