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Fact Sheet 2019 for Exchange Program

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Application Procedure

Students who wish to study at CUPL as an exchange student must first be selected by your home university.

Partner universities will contact our exchange program manager Ms. Zoe YIN by e-mail and nominate students. Please send the nominate information before the deadlines below:

Spring Semester(February-June): November 15th    

Fall Semester(September-January): May 5th

After the nomination by the partner’s University, the students must hand in the required documents via e-mail before the application deadlines below:

Spring Semester(February-June): November 25th

Fall Semester(September-January): May 15th

When students hand in all the application materials, School of International Studies will post JW202 form and attendance letter for students to apply for X2 visa in their country. Please note that it will take ONE to TWO MONTHS to issue the JW202 form and the attendance letter since we get your application. Please also note that from mid January to late February is our winter vacation. From early July to late August is our summer vacation. School of International Studies will close during both vacations.

Required Documents

·Student Application Form

·Copy of passport

·1 passport size photo

·Copy of Physical Examination Form (Students can send it to Ms. Zoe YIN via email before December 20th for spring semester and June 20th for fall semester.)

Language Requirements

Students wishing to have good performance at school. Students are required to have good command in English and can finish dissertation in English.

Course Description

CUPL offers Law courses taught in English and Chinese language classes.


Accommodation fee: Xueyuan Lu campus: 900RMB/year

Changping campus: 5250RMB/year.

Insurance fee400RMB/semester living expenses: 2000-4000RMB/month


In order to complete your registration you must go to the International office with the following documents.

1. Passport & Valid Visa & J W202 Form

2. Admission Notice & 1 Passport Size Photo

3. Physical Examination Form and blood test report


Haidian campus(Downtown campus): For Master, students studying courses taught in English.

Changping campus: Only for Bachelor or students studying courses taught in Chinese.

International Office

New research building A1101(11th Floor), Haidian Campus

International Exchange Center Building B114, Changping Campus

Working Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:30--11:30am 14:00-17:00pm

Friday9:00--11:30am 14:00-16:30pm


Students study at CUPL for one semester MUST apply for X2 visa. CUPL only can help students get twice entries after arrival.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to renew X1 visa for students who study at CUPL less than 180 days, so DO NOT apply for X1 visa if you study at CUPL for one semester.

Students study at CUPL for one year MUST apply for X1 visa. CUPL will help you apply for residence permit after your arrival.

Contact Information

New Research Building (A4) Room A1101 (11th Floor)

Working Hours: 8:30--11:30am 14:00-17:00pm(Friday 16:30pm )

Ms. Zoe YIN (Exchange Program)

Tel:+86 010 58908237


Xueyuan Lu Campus: 25 Xitucheng Lu, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100088    Changping Campus: 27 Fuxue Lu, Changping District, Beijing, China 102249

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